Kenyan cables

Wikileaks released several Kenyan cables that need to be brought to light, especially the high levels of corruption, and the god-fathers that exist in every corner of Kenyan affairs..

The looting of Kenyan wealth started during Moi’s era where huge sums of money ended up in individual’s pockets and some transferred to foreign countries. Starting with the properties owned by relatives and close allies of ex-president Moi at number 1 we have


Apart from the ones mentioned below Gideon Moi also owns other businesses outside Kenya, including the United Kingdom where: By the year 2002, his cash in various UK’s banks amounted to 550 million sterling pounds. Ironically half of Kenyans live below the poverty line of a dollar a day!


1 Taurino Enterprises
2 As alleged by Msamaha
3 KTN (Owned Standard Newspapers)
4 Siginon Freight – 12.5%
5 Trans-National Bank
6 Kent ship Maritime
7 Sielei Properties Ltd.
8 Giant Holdings Ltd.
9 Revak Ltd.
10 Sudbury Ltd.
11 Sudbury Investments
12 Giant Forex Bureau
13 Westfield International Ltd
14 Chesco Ltd.
15 Hampstead Enterprises
16 Metipso Services Ltd.
17 Maternity Shop
18 Eagle Airlines
19 Chemusian Company
20 Fresh Produce Ltd
21 Siginon Freight 12.5%
22 Cartrack Kenya Ltd
23 First American Bank
24 Equatorial Bank
25 The Sasine Group of farms
26 Cable Wireless
27 The Duty Free Company
28 Eveready Company (H. Young)
29 Tobacco Farm in Malawi – 100%
30 Chester House – 50 %
31 Safaricom Kenya (together with Biwott, Charles Field Marsham) – 40%

#2 Mr. Joshua Kulei

Second in line is Mr. Joshua Kulei, Former “personal assistant” to President Daniel arap Moi, on whom travel restrictions were imposed as a result of a previous corruption scandal, the Goldenberg affair. He is quite wealthy I assure you that, but the question is, was that wealth gained out of hard-work?

1 Trade World Kenya – 100%
2 CFC Bank 12.5%
3 CMC Holdings 15-20% (Client material Indicates Kulei also Nominee Director)
4 Hotel intercontinental Nairobi 19%
5 San Roses 40% (page 19)
6 Ngata Flower Farm 50%
7 Bamburi Cement 14% (Client material Indicates Kulei also Nominee Director)
9 National Milling Company
10 Kenya Aerotech Ltd‚ Shareholder and also Nominee Director
11 Regent Management‚ Not Known
12 Siginon Freight‚ 12.5%, Kabarak High School and client material Indicates Kulei also Nominee Director

And in the meantime he has got some UK title deeds
13 19 Eaton Park, Cobham, Surrey KT11 2JF valued at around 4.5 million sterling pounds.
14 Flat 11 No. 49, Lowdnes Square, London, valued at 2 million sterling pounds.

#3 Nicholas Biwott
Nichalos Biwott is a wealthy Kenyan businessman and politician, previously linked to a number of crimes and corruption scandals but was never convicted. I still doubt this Swahili proverb “siku ya mwizi ni arobaini” meaning that a thief’s days are numbered, precisely forty days :D. Biwott is a close business ally with ex-president having invested in Bidco Oil Refineries (Biwott and Daniel Company) List of some properties he owns;
1 Kobil Petrol – 100%
2 Barsirim Investment – 100%
3 Kiosinende Farm – 100%
4 Rono Ltd. – 100%
5 HZ Consrtruction and Engineering – 100%
6 HZ Group of Companies – 100%
7 LZ Engineering – 100%
8 Yaya centre (worth Kshs. 3.5 billion) – 100%
9 Premier Group of Companies – 100%
10 Air Kenya Aviation – 100%
11 Pete Aviation and Electronics Ltd – 100%
12 Ziba Management and Services – 100%
13 HZ Group of Companies, Israel – 100%
14 Lima Kenya – 50%
15 Air Kenya – 50%
16 National Milling Corporation – shareholder
17 Safaricom Kenya (together with Gideon Moi, Charles Field Marsham) – 40%
18 Team Simoco (He is majority shareholder)


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