Poetry Corner

Greatest Lie

Mornings, I hear people lie,
”Hi, how are you? , ”am okay”.

Evenings, to see them by,
”Hi, hope you had a good day”
Returning back to their beds to lay,
Not know’n I took a sip of lye,
Wanting to commit suicide, to die
To forget all that within my way…

Pretend to be ‘one’, pass by me, 🙂
May be ma mum must have been sick,
May be ma muscles must have been weak,
Or may be ma lessons must have been ‘Greek’,
Even though I’ll still pretend I wasn’t a freak..

I don’t deserve an hour long lecture,
Say hi, if no more story, goodnight, disappear,
(c) Hudhaifah 2013

A different mindset

FGM stands for Female Genital Mutilation
A different mindset. Am from the Somali community, whereby there are Female Genital Mutilation practices, and as a poet I did a short writing about FGM and its effects, as this is my role in the society, to educate people as much as I can. This might be of help to many other people, share, comment, but remember to give some credit to the owner

Weep not, wail not,
Behind the curtains, did hear the plot,

Overwhelmed by tears, Stood with stares,
Sister in pain, helpless cried in vain.

They called it circumcision,
I retorted mutilation,
They called it dignity,
I retorted inhumanity,
They shouted, “get out of our sight!”
Sorry sister, none couldn’t hear my plight.

After a month or so, the healing no more,
After a year or so, life no more,

Finally came the regret,
To FGM, a different mind-set..

(C) Hudhaifah 2013

A human, Blame me for it

In sleep,I weep,
Awake, I slip,
A human, I flip

Promises I do make,
Some, can’t keep,
A human, blame me for it.

My life ain’t perfect,
My thoughts ain’t reject,
Ain’t born with a contract,
Ain’t bred up an object,
A human, I need respect..

A word, I can’t say,
A fact, I cant deny,
So why go, door to door,
In low voices whisper,
That which I didn’t mean to utter,

See what, my tears ain’t watery,
My heart ain’t a lavatory,
Pee, poop, flash, confirm,
All thinking, to ditch my being,
A human, I need a better treating.

Got none behind my back,
Got none to give me a whack,
Got none to deny me a rack,
OK, better not cause a distract,
To those who see me inexact,

Hey all ya out there,
See me a fool? 1 last favour,
Ain’t a scientist, ain’t an inventor,
Ain’t a genius, ain’t a cipher,
A human, ask the nature
(C) Hudhaifah 2013

Girls are that heartless!

It was that day,
When to me you said, to you I did lie,
And when to you I did cry,
You left and bade me bye,
No lnger wanting to hear my say,
No lnger wanting to pass by my way…

It was a time I felt the nakedness,
A real state of loneliness,
A time my brain became powerless,
And my thoughts made me senseless,
It was a time I became ladyless,
A time I was in complete darkness
(C)hudhaifah 2013

Long Gone

Mine is long gone,
To a world long born,
Into parts am long torn.
For all have long flown,

Lonely in a tent,
I do stare at the dent,
Wandering of ma fate,
That seems long dead.

I sleep with a vision,
Wake up with a mission,
Walk with a determination,
To see ma country’s reconstruction.
(C)Hudhaifah 2013

I kick harder, smack smarter

In class laughed, gave you a mumble,
At home humble, nothing I did fumble,
Got you a plate, when yours they did gobble,
Showed sort of grumble, not a thundery rumble.

About me i hear a twaddle,
Worse than a joggle, I do hobble,
Hold on retard, me to coddle?
Forget, aint ready to squabble,
And on you my time,I won’t dawdle.

Changed no longer wear a kirtle,
No more in the streets do I boggle,
I kick harder, smack smarter,
So be the first left with a tra-la-la..
(C)Hudhaifah 2013


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