In a rotten world I reside,
Haters, with no friend inside,
Its final, I have to decide,
Between life, and a note of suicide.

Its my final departure,
A start of great adventure,
Life on earth, so unwell,
Gotta check out there in hell

To my friends, work is done,
To my haters, good is gone,
To everyone, speak a good tone,
For life is over, and people do expire.

Mum, your wails I won’t hear,
Don’t curse, remain my dear,
Don’t sob. don’t drop a tear,
I’ll die, for you to live better,
To never have any more suffering to bear.

Dad, am not any taller,
Sure enough, I robbed you of the dollar,
Don’t see me a lost toddler,
Don’t gossip of my life as a failure,
Am generous, saving you for the fun in future.

My heart sheds to say your name,
I loved thrice, failed once,
Not worth mentioning, once for fame,
And once through whom to the world I came.

To siblings, life might be better,
Without me standing in your ways for longer,
An act of heroism, my love for you is bigger,
Carry on, if not, cheer me up in hell,
wherever,With deadly shots of spirytus luksusowa.

I have tried, many battles I won,
I soldiered, until life became a con,
So tired, I need to be alone,
Stress free, something to my head, probably a gun.

(C) hudhaifah 2013
LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL….suicide is wonderful